Hey guys! So I decided to start giving updates about whats going on. I took a needed break from the comic, and I got hitched.

So turns out, I didn’t really like how pg 81 and 82 were going so I am redrawing those, and trying to get the next several pages drawn out to help me get the pages set up. Also going to do more concept art and post them on Patreon. Since I switched the payout on Patreon to every time i post a page, I can post bundles of concept art and other files all at once instead of just posting them randomly. Looking forward to getting back to the drawing board and getting some pages up onto the site. The book needs about 50 pages more to finish; so I hope to get the book finish this next year and published!

I hope you guys enjoy the new pages when they get published on the site!

Tell me what you think!